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From its inception, an active and generous membership has been the key to the success of the YANA Club mission. Member dues and donations comprise about 30% of the Club’s annual revenue and are crucial to repairing and equipping the facility. Just as importantly, Members are the backbone of the Club’s management and operation.

Members have free access to the YANA WiFi network and cable TV and may host recovery related events in the facility with the approval of the YANA board. Members may use free space in Club meeting rooms or on the patio to get together with sponsors, sponsees or friends for 12 Step work, chats or just quiet time. They may also vote in the annual election of YANA Club Directors and offer suggestions concerning Club policies and operations anytime.

Please join many friends who have become YANA members Joining the YANA Club is simple, easy and affordable: Memberships are available at the Individual ($100), Family (#150), Sponsor ($250) and Lifetime ($1,000) levels – whichever fits your circumstances using the buttons below, mailing a check to YANA Club, PO Box 7691, Hilton Head Island, SC 29938 or dropping a check in the slot in the door to the left of the entryway. By doing so, you ensure that YANA Club doors will always be open for our Low Country recovery groups, keeping the YANA promise that “You Are Not Alone!”

YANA Club 2024 Members

As of May 1, 2024

Alan P.
James D.
Scott & Julia W.
Bob & Susan A.
Jeannie W.
Spencer S.
David C.
Joe T.
Steve D.
David J.
John & Irene T.
Steve K.
Donna B.
John & Linda G.
Sue M. & Chris B.
Doug & Cynthia M.
Kevin Q.
Steve N.
Eddie Y.
Kim K.
Ted & Anne C.
Eli & Hedy T.
Marnie S.
Tim R.
Frank S.
Pat S.
Tom Be.
Gary E.
Paul & Carrie B.
Tom Bo.
Gary M.
Paul G.
Will L.
German B.
Richard C.
Wolfgang B.
Harold I.
Rick I. & Katy C.
Woody N.
Heyward T.
Robert A.

James C
Sally D.



Bill T.

Diane T.

Mike A.

Brian & Esther D,

Eric C.

Paul M.

Charlie F.

John K.

Chris C.

Marnie S.

Chris R.

Abbigail G.

Jim G.

Nancy M. T.

Andrew C.

Jim Ma.

Natalie C.

Ann C.

Jim Mi.

Ned McK.

Bill H.

Jim S.

Pam M.

Bill K.

Joan J.

Paul G.

Bill P.

Joe Mc.

Paul Me.

Bill T.

John S.

Peter E.

Bob C.

Karl S.

Peter McA.

Carolyn P.

Kathy T.

Phyllis I.

Christine McD.

Ken H.

Renee S.

Christine R.

Kit S.

Richard E.

Claire T.

Kristin Mc.

Richard S.

Diana B.

Lamika P.

Robert C.

Dick L.

Leslie B.

Robert G.

Doc S.

Lyle & Susan T.

Ron McC.

Doris O-D.

Marianne L.

Rosemary S.

Jack H.

Mary Emma H.

Steven W.

Jaime C. & Jason H.

Mary T. J.

Susan W.

Jenny C.

Maureen K.

Terry B.

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